General Options

Main plugin options. Check this section at the first startup.

Store Name

Your online shop name

Store Email

Email where will be sending all notifications and alerts. From this is emial messages will be sending to the customers

Shipping is Mandatory on checkout

Check this if you need shipping options on the checkout page. Otherwise shipping address will be optional on the checkout page.

Payment is Mandatory on checkout

Check this if you need payment options on checkout page.

Store Country

Your store country

Check products stock

System will check products quantity and display “Out of stock” if the product is over.

Allow buy product if it is out-of-stock

If you want your customers to order products, when they out of stock, check this checkbox

Substract quantity from product after checkout

Если вы хотите вычитать проданные товары из количества, заданного в магазине

Allow unregistered users to checkout

Allow users order products without rgistration.

Generate SKU automatically

When you add product, SKU will be generated automatically. You can change already created SKU.

Product Category Preview Width

Setup Products Preview Width

Login New customers after registration

If you would like to login customers after registration and ordering process, check this option.

Skip confirnation step on checkout

This option allow you to skip confirmation step on the checkout

Enable cache for images

Cashing will help your product images load much faster which mean that your online store will load faster too.

Create user on checkout in any case

Create user automatically during the checkout process even if there’s only user email available.

Use only one country for users

If country for this option is selected – only one country will exist on checkout for shipping and billing country field. Country selectbox will be hidded, and value from this option will be set for user country by default. This is applicable for users who want, for example, use USA as shipping country for their shop only. In this case customers will not see country selectbox at all, but they will see correct list of states on checkout.

Show sub-categories if possible

This allow you to disable sub-categories list instead of usual products listing when you go to category, that have sub-categories. To show list of sub-categories will be user template, that display All Categories page.

Hide unavailable shipping methods

This option will hide unavailable for selected by customer address on checkout shipping methods. So, for example, if you have a lot of shipping methods at your store, some of them are for certain countries/states – for customer on checkout after he/she select country/state will be displayed only available shipping options. You can disable this option in admin area, by default it is enabled.

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